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Welcome on board

Welcome on board the Tomidi

This 57.5 footer Whitbread Round the World Racer, ex-Rucanor, is the only Belgian oceansailracer ever to have participated 2 times in the mentioned prestigious race (1985/86 with skipper Staf Versluys & 1989/90 with skipper Bruno Dubois), which is now called The Volvo Ocean Race.

This sail racer was designed at the end of 1984 by the French architect Guy Ribadeau Dumas, built as a one - off WRTWR 85/86 at Frans Maas/Standfast Yachts BV and first launched on February the 6th 1985 at Breskens.

The ship's length over all is 17.54 m, the over all beam is 4.85 m, her maximum draft is 2.95 m and the ship has a deplacement of 18 metric tonnes.

The ship sails and sleeps up to 16 persons, and is of course equiped with all the necessary safety, communication and navigational devices.

On purpose the interior outfit has mainly been conserved as it was during the ship's last circumnavigation.

Ever since 1991 we sail the Tomidi for various sailing experiences:

 Business Class & First Class Trips for Companies

These are all-in formulas - catering inclusive, with sail assistancy of skipper and crew (+ hostess) on a summerday/weekend, to be a PR Trip / Incentive / Teambuilding / Sail Training, you name it... Very Exclusive and Unforgettable!

 Sports Class Trips for Sail Training, Groups & Individual sail lovers

These day- and (long) weekendtrips - mostly in spring, summer, and autumn time - give you, with the help of your skipper, the possibilty to train both sailing, navigation and life on board a Spartan ocean racer.

International races

Helgoland Race 92, 94 & 98 (six years recordholder 92 - 98); Antwerp Race 93, 94, 97, 00, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08, 11, 12 & 14; The Tall Ships Races 04 (winner in D-Class Race 1), 05, 06 (winner in D-class Race 1), 07, 08, 10, 11 (Over All D-Class winner & Over All Fastest ship), 12 (winner in D-class Race 3), 13 (2nd Over All in D-Class & Over All Fastest Ship) & 14 (2nd Over All in D-Class & Line Honours in Race 2); the TSRegatta Falmouth - Royal Greenwich (Over All D-Class winner & Over All Fastest ship), 15 (Over All D-Class winner & Over All Fastest ship); the Twohanded Round Britain & Ireland Race 93; the AZAB (Azores & Back) Race 95 (line honours Back); the Fastnet Race 97 & 05 and the Europe 1 STAR (Singlehanded TransAtlantic Race) 96 & 00 (Belgian Record-holder eversince 1996) are our major achievements in that field.

For 2016 we will participate in

The Tomidi Tall Ships Race 2016 (60th Anniversary) leaving Ostend for the Start Delivery Trip on the 6th of July for a short sail to the Antwerp on the River Scheldt, take part in Race 1 along the extraordinary English & French Channel Coasts, Britanny, crossing the Bay of Biscay, pass the overwhelming Galician Rias & Potugese Coasts towards Lisbõa (Portugal), then a very nice and sunny Race 2 along the Portugese & Algarve Coasts to finish in Cádiz (Spain). Afterwards Race 3 - Cruise in Company to A Coruña in Galicia (Spain), and the Delivery Home Trip to Ostend crossing the Bay of Biscay again, along the very nice Britanny Coasts & with a stopover at the Channel Islands. Then back to Ostend by August the 21th, to start again for...

 The Tomidi North Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016 leaving Ostend for the Start Delivery Trip on the 24th of August along the English East Coast to Blyth (UK), followed by a Regatta over the North Sea, aiming the tip of Denmark to arrive in Volvo's head quarters Gothenburg (Sweden). Then a Delivery Home Trip crossing the Kattegat, Skaggerak and the North Sea again, and finally finish in Ostend by the 11th of September 2016.

No former knowledge/sailexperience is necessary for the participant , since we always have skilled crew aboard to assist you!