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Agreements & Hints

Insurance conditions are as follows:

Concerning material damages and third party liability it is our company policy that these are fully under our responsability, since the ship's always skippered by ourselves. Thus you also should not pay any guarantee neither!

About the insurance of your personal injuries the following is insured:


A joint agreement can be made about an annulation insurance. This insurance is highly recommanded.

It is imperative to validate your subscription by e-mail, fax or letter by using a 'Registration Form' you'll receive after having sent the filled in 'Contactform' (as above). After that, a contract for hiring the boat (2 copies) will be sent to you. Only after contrasigning and returning 1 copy of this contract to us, your subscription will be registered and the booking fee is to be payed by you. The registration form should reach us at least 3 weeks before the trip. The invoice will be sent to you a few weeks before your sailtrip and is to be payed before we sail!

In Sports Class a 125 € groupdeposit will be asked, in case you would not prefer to clean the boat yourself after the sailing event.

The organisation reserves itself the right of weather permitted altering destinations, or even cancel a trip for security reasons. In the latter case - due to force majeure - it is obvious that jointly an other appointment will be made.

For one day trips we meet at the ship's berth in the Royal Yachtclub RYCO (Ostend) at 09.30 , to finish around 17.30. For longer trips departure/arrival times, catering arrangements,... will be discussed jointly approximately 1 week before departure by telephone. (Dirk +32-475/27.47.62).

The minimum age for participation is 12 years if accompanied, and 15 if not.


  • For every person aboard there is a complete Tomidi wet suit, life jacket and life harness
  • Every person aboard is advised to dress sportingly and warm enough
  • Please always have your sunglasses and eventually your tanning oil with you
  • (Sport)shoes should have rubber soles! Black soles are not allowed
  • For subscriptions under the Sports Class please have your picnic with you , normally to be taken at sea. It is advised (for groupsubscriptions jointly) to have prepared sandwiches and drinks with you
  • For longer trips you should have extra clothing, sleeping-bag and plastic money with you (pillows and pillow-slips are aboard)
  • All packings of any volume should be foldable
  • If necessary please bring sea-sickness medication with you
  • Apart from what's written above please reduce your luggage to the most necessary
  • Inform your company(mates) about these hints!