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International Projects - Looking out for Your Partnership

Over the years one can put, without exaggeration, that Tomidi has become part of the Port of Ostend, and the scenery along the Belgian, Dutch, English & French Coasts and Harbours.

No wonder that the City of Ostend itself, together with a number of clubs and companies have associated themselves with this eye-catcher. Even at its berth in Ostend - being the turntable of all Belgian coastal traffic (car, bus, tram, train, cruise ship, ferry), throughout the year - but especially during summertime - Tomidi is thé signboard to be seen!

Of course under full sail she is even nicer and has over the years been admired, photographed and filmed by tens of thousands of tourists!

You also can  become a temporary or permanent partner or (co)-sponsor of our projects, and in that way earn plenty of return. Call us, we'll work out something!

Apart from our charterprogramme we also participate in international events & offshore racing. In 2016 we'll participate at Oostende voor Anker, sail The Tomidi Tall Ships Race 2016 and participate at The Tomidi North Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016.

Thanks to our 2015 Partners: The scouts of Westerlo; Luc Maertens Knokke; Jan Meyer Zaventem; Peter De winter Leidschendam; Astrid Callens Lint; Pieterjan Boucneau Wingene; Geert Van Broeck Oostende; Reinier Helmich Rotterdam; Dirk & Vincent De Meyer Hove; Jochen Carls Oslo; Off-Road Factory BVBA Oudenburg; Alex Dominguez UK; Fam. Jan Debruyne Meulebeke; GEM Corporation BVBA Kapellen; Dmitry Maltsev Moscow; Textile Chemistry Consulting BVBA Kemzeke; Alexander Vanden Bulcke Heverlee; Mark Goosenaerts Kalmthout; the Cities & Harbours of Aalborg & Kristiansand; Windseeker Amsterdam; Deloitte Consulting Diegem & especially all the faithful individual Tomidi friends, including the ones already mentioned!